Fitletica Overview


Fitletica is an outdoor fitness program providing structured physical activities to young children.  We believe in providing classes with a strong sense of fun and creativity to enhance motivation and engagement from all children, regardless of athletic ability. We offer a skill development program that progresses through the sequential steps necessary to develop a strong base in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. 

Our goal is to keep kids active and engaged throughout every lesson. To ensure young children stay focussed (and not bored) we have put careful thought and planning into the structure of the lesson.  We have divided the total class time into five sections: (1) dynamic warm-up, (2) warm up mini game, (3) fitness development ac­tivities, (4) cool-down activity and (5) Yogaletics (stretching).    

Fitletica offers a fun way for kids to gain multiple skills as well as challenge their performance in gross and fine motor skills. The bulk of each lesson will focus on developing the basic fundamentals of fitness including strength, balance, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, speed & agility, flexibility, teamwork, and mindfulness skills. To incorporate these components successfully, you need to use them in FUN ways. Disguising physical activity makes getting fit interesting, fun and more in keeping with a child’s natural way of moving.  To do this we have taken traditional games like Frozen Tag and Bullrush, given them new names, and created fitness circuits and relays whilst providing the same benefits as more structured exercise.  The end of our lessons will finish with a 5-10 minute 'Yogaletics' session aimed to develop calming techniques through breathing, body awareness, and meditation and concentration.  Yogaletics will also improve flexibility, coordination, strength and body awareness. 

Our programs are developed and provided by experienced and qualified teachers - qualifications including Bachelor Health & Physical Education, Graduate Diploma Teaching & Learning, Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, accredited IAAF Kids Athletics coaches, and a range of other specialisations relating to children's health and fitness.

All programs are aligned with the Australian Curriculum - Health and Physical Education (HPE) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which means that children will be participating in a program that is relevant, engaging, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate.