Junior Fitletics (After-school program)

Junior Fitletics is an after-school fitness program offering structured physical activities specifically designed for 4-12 year old children. Each class throughout the term will feature different activities that are designed to achieve specific fitness goals. Our programs are centred around building the basic fundamentals of fitness including strength, balance, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, speed & agility, flexibility, teamwork, and mindfulness skills. 

All classes begin straight after school at the safety of the school oval providing working families with the extra time before pick up.

At the end of term, all participants will receive a certificate of recognition and a small prize to bring home to celebrate their achievements.  

Basic Class Structure (1 hour session):

  • Dynamic warm up - 5 mins
  • Warm up mini game - 10 mins
  • Fitness Development Activities (lesson focus) - 25 mins
  • Cool down activity - 10 mins
  • Yogaletics stretching - 10 mins

*Refer to Fitletica Overview for more information on program structure and development.

    Junior Fitletics Activity Examples:

    • Warm up/cool down
    • Obstacle courses
    • Circuit training
    • Fitness games/relays
    • Team games/challenges
    • Running skills/drills
    • Jumping activities
    • Hurdles
    • Body weight exercises
    • Yogaletics

    Junior Fitletics Benefits:

    • Encourage healthy habits and promote healthy growth and development
    • Build strong bones and muscles
    • Improve strength, balance and flexibility
    • Improve coordination, motor planning and reflex responses
    • Increase confidence and positive self-image
    • Develop cooperation and teamwork
    • Create opportunities for fun with friends
    • Improve concentration and management of anxiety and stress
    • Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight
    • Improve cardiovascular fitness
    • Improve basic running skills including endurance, good form, and speed and acceleration
    • Learn basic hurdling technique
    • Learn the values of healthy competition, teamwork, goal setting and respect




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