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Fundamental Motor Program - Diverse Learners (For Schools)

The program is based on fundamental movement skills that involve a variety of gross motor movements.  Gross motor movements involve moving all parts of the body in different ways.  These skills are the building blocks for more advanced and specialized skills that children will need as they grow.

Fundamental motor skills enable us to move efficiently and in a coordinated manner.  These skills are important for child development in all areas including agility, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, kicking, catching, and spatial awareness. 

Gross motor skill development is closely related to the development of speech and fine motor skills.  Proficient gross motor skills and body awareness are key for good posture, negotiating around the environment, participation in physical eduction classes, and general health and well being. 

The program will provide children with structured physical activity in a fun, motivating, and positive learning environment.  Classes are centred around a strong sense of fun and creativity to enhance motivation and engagement from all children, regardless of athletic ability. 

The overall objective of the program is to increase fundamental motor development in children, which will in turn provide them with the confidence and self-esteem to participate in daily physical activities and give them the skills they need to sustain healthy and active futures. 

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