Benefits of Joining A Fitletica Program

· promotes healthy growth and development
· improves coordination and movement skills
· builds strong bones and muscles
· improves balance and flexibility
· improves posture
· achieve and maintain a healthy weight
· improve cardiovascular fitness
· reduces risk of developing type 2 diabetes
· improves concentration and management of anxiety and stress
· improves confidence and self-esteem
· creates opportunities for fun with friends
· develops cooperation and teamwork





Interesting Links Between Physical Activity and Academic Performance

  • While it is common knowledge that exercise has physical benefits, recent studies have shown it is also good for your brain.  Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain which promotes the growth of new brain cells and overall brain performance.

  • Children who participate in after-school exercise programs have improved cognitive function and higher concentration levels than their more sedentary peers.  
  • Fitness boosts learning and memory in children allowing them to master more complex concepts and complete more complicated tasks.